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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 11:25:45 EST
Subject: Astronaut Visit, Radio&TV, CSP, Bill Dumpleton

Hi all,

1. Don't forget the special ESA Astronaut event on Tuesday 25 January:

2. TV: Monday 24 January, 9.00pm, Channel 4: Equinox Special: The Wave that 
shook the World - can science prevent loss of life?

3. Radio: Tues. 25 Jan.  9.30am BBC Radio 4: Relatively Einstein - Cornelia 
Parker on Cold Dark Matter.
        See www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/science/relativelyeinstein.shtml

4. TV.  7.00pm RTE 2: Scope - S&T for teenagers

5. TV. Thurs. 27 Jan:  9.00pm, BBC2: Horizon "E=mc2 and the nuclear bomb".
        See www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/horizon/

6. Radio:  9.00pm, BBC Radio 4: In Einstein's Shadow: Brian Cox on quantum 
theory and why God does play dice(3/3).
        See www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/science/ineinsteinsshadow.shtml

Another reminder about the excellent Connaught Star Party, in Galway, on Sat 
29 January. Visit: www.galwayastronomyclub.ie Last year's event was 
excellent: I'm sure that this one will be just as good! 

8. Finally, it's with great regret that I have to tell you of the death of 
Bill Dumpleton, recently Assistant Astronomer at Dunsink Observatory. Bill was 
always very helpful to the amateur community, and after his retirement a few 
years ago he took on the role of ' Observing Director' at Birr Castle, where he 
was unable to do much because of the telescope being temporarily U/S. He then 
moved to France, where he died suddenly a few days ago.

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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