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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 12:01:30 EST
Subject: TV Progs, New Year Party

Hi all, 

1.  Thanks to Peter Paice for the following TV info:

BBC1   Sky at Night , 2/3 Jan.05 at 1.50am (early Monday morning); Repeated 
following Sat. 8 Jan. on BBC2.
BBC 4  Sky at Night, Monday, 3 Jan. at 8 pm.(extended programme)
BBC 4  Light Fantastic (repeat of 4 progs.), Monday 3 Jan. at 8.30pm.

2. Don't forget the highlight of the Festive Season, the IAA's annual 
Xmas/New Year Party! We've allowed you plenty of time to recover from other lesser 
celebrations in order to maximise your enjoyment.
   It's on Saturday 8th January. Venue once again is the Tudor Private 
Cinema, just outside Comber, Co Down. The address is "Drumhirk Road", (off 
Killinchy/Killyleagh Road). The film will be "I, Robot", and there will be loads of 
eats & drinks of all types, and plenty of craic & entertainment. There are still 
some tickets left, at 10 per adult, or 5 for under 12s. Book from IAA 
treasurer John Hall at iaa2000btinternet.com or jimmyaquariusbtinterrnet.com. 
Non-members & guests are welcome at the same rates!
   But you must book in advance, so we know how many to cater for: deadline 
is 6 January.

1.  Going from Comber, take the A22 road for Killinchy & Killyleagh. 
   Drumhirk Road is the 1st proper road on the right after you leave Comber. 
It is exactly 1 mile from the new roundabout on the Comber Bypass.  
   To find Drumhirk Road coming from Comber: read this carefully! The main 
A22 road at the junction with Drumhirk Road has been straightened, so you no 
longer look out for the bend. Just measure 1 mile from the roundabout. (If you 
do miss it there's a road junction about  mile on, where you can turn & go 

2.  If coming from Killinchy, Drumhirk Road is exactly 4.5 miles from the 
crossroads in the middle of Killinchy.
   From this direction, you turn Left, off the new straightened section, 
into Drumhirk Road.
   In Drumhirk Road, just over  mile from the main road, you will see 4 
Council Cottages on the right, and opposite them is an entrance to a laneway with 
ranch-style fencing on your LEFT. This is the entrance.

3.  If coming from Ballygowan, take the A21 towards Comber, then just 0.3 
miles from the crossroads in Ballygowan turn 1st Right. Then take the 2nd road on 
your right (after 1.5 miles), this is Drumhirk Road. After 1.2 miles from 
this junction you will see the Council Cottages on the left, and the laneway with 
the ranch-fencing on the Right. (It is just after another road joins from the 

ALL: Turn into this lane, go over a few cattle grids to the end, where you 
will see the cinema (at a private house).
There is plenty of secure parking here. The Cinema tel. no is 9187 8589; 
Andy's mobile is  07775 576 872. 

We'll have a look at Comet Machholz afterwards if it's clear: it will be just 
past the Pleiades then, & should be a nice sight. Bring your scope & binocs 
if it's likely to be clear.

Clear skies to all,

Terry Moseley


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