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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 10:33:26 EST
Subject: Aurora alert; date correction, Huygens

Hi all,

The recently developed large sunspot has thrown two large CME's in our 
direction, so there's a chance of an aurora tonight & tomorrow night. Details as 

Two coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are heading toward Earth and they could 
spark strong geomagnetic storms when they arrive on January 16th-17th. Sky 
watchers should be alert for auroras. The CMEs were blasted into space by M8- and 
X2-class explosions above giant sunspot 720 on Jan. 15th.  Visit 
spaceweather.com for more information and updates.

My last email gave the wrong date for the special extra IAA vent celebrating 
the 15th anniversary of the HST; It will be on THURSDAY 24 FEBRUARY, in 
Stranmillis College etc.

If you haven't seen the latest images of Titan from the Huygens probe, buy a 
quality Sunday paper today, or check: 


Totally amazing! (How is it that the further a spaceprobe has to travel, the 
higher its chance of success? - All probes to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & 
Neptune have been highly successful (both Pioneers, both Voyagers, Galileo, & 
Cassini/Huygens); those to Mars & Venus have a rather lower success rate!)

Thanks to all who helped make the IAA Kids/Family Astro-Day at Lisburn 
yesterday such a success! The Mayor has invited us to hold another such event in the 
Lisburn Civic Centre!

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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