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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 09:49:20 EST
Subject: ISS, Summer Schoool, Hubble Trouble, ESPs, Eclipse trip

Hi all,

1. The ISS commences another series of morning passes over Ireland on Monday. 
Details for your location are on www.heavens-above.com.

2. Astro/Space Summer School. The Austrian Space Agency's annual Summer 
School, held yearly since 1975, will be on 19-28 July 2005 in Alpbach, Tyrol, on 
the subject: DARK ENERGY & DARK MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE. The language of the 
School will be English. Irish & UK students are invited to apply: there is a limit 
of about 60 students in total, so only a few from each country will be 
accepted. Further details on www.asaspace.at. It is aimed at graduates, postgrad 
students, young scientists & engineers. It is co-sponsored by ESA & the 
national authorities of its members states.
   The application form, available from the website or the contacts given 
below, must be endorsed by a university professor, head of department, or 
equivalent, and should be submitted to the Austrian Research Promotion Agency before 
31 March 2005. The registration fee is €300. Travel & B&B accommodation 
(arranged locally) will be extra.
   Participants from the UK & Ireland may be eligible for financial support 
from the relevant national sponsoring agencies or their universities. 
   In Ireland, contact: Dr Ronan Breslin, Enterprise Ireland, Glasnevin, 
Dublin 9,  ronan.breslinenterprise-ireland.com, tel 01 808 2707.
   In UK contact: Mr Steve Cann, Head of Education, Training & Careers, 
PPARC, Polaris House, North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1SZ, steve.cannpparc.ac.uk
Tel. 01 793 442026.

3. Hubble Trouble: the bad news is that there is no money allocated in the US 
budget for 2006 to service the HST. Without service & repair, the HST is 
likely to fail in orbit by 2007 or 2008, well before the launch of the replacement 
James Webb Space Telescope. 
   However, with the increasing expertise & instrumental advances in adaptive 
optics & interferometry, the images from the latest ground-based telescopes 
rival, or in some cases better, those from HST, although not with the same 
range of wavelengths.
   Still, it would be a pity to see such an iconic instrument fail through 
lack of funding.

4.  The number of known Extra-Solar Planets continues to grow at an amazing 
rate: the total is now around 150! But don't be expecting a call from ET just 
yet - none of those discovered so far is Earthlike enough to be a probable 
candidate for advanced life.

5. If you haven't already registered for the eclipse trip to Turkey in March 
2006, you had better hurry up! The number registered is now well over 60, and 
it will be first-come first-served if we run out of places! Email David Bell 
sdbellgofree.indigo.ie to register your interest, giving your full name, 
Club if any, No of places & whether you want double, twin or singles, and any 
children going, with ages in March 2006, and if you would be prepared to share 
with another single if appropriate.
   This will be the last favourable & readily accessible total solar eclipse 
until 2017, so don't miss this one!

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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