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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 17:38:48 EST
Subject: TV, Lectures, Exhibition, ISS, Geminids

Hi all,
1. TV & Radio: 
Note: All BBC digital TV and radio channels are available free from the  
ASTRA 2D satellite and with a broadband Web connection you can listen to  previous 
BBC R4 broadcasts at listenagain

1. Sun/Mon, 4/5 Dec,   00.10am, BBC1 TV: The Sky at Night - 10th birthday of 
the solar satellite  SOHO.

2. Tue, 6 Dec, 8:35pm, Repeat: BBC4 TV: The Sky at Night - 10th  birthday of 
the solar satellite SOHO.

3. Thu, 8 Dec,   8.00pm,  RTE R1: The Quantum Leap - Mary Mulvihill reports 
on science news.  See  RTE Radio 1

4. Sat. 10 Dec, 1.00pm, BBC2  TV: Repeat: The Sky at Night - 10th birthday of 
the solar satellite  SOHO.


5. Mon,  12 Dec, 8.00pm, at DCU: Chris Lintott of the BBC and UCL will speak 
on  'Cosmology - from beginning to  end'.

6. Wed 14 Dec, 7.30 p.m., IAA Public Lecture, Stranmillis College,  
Stranmillis Road, Belfast.
The redoubtable, the one and only, Mr Leo Enright will give a lecture  
entitled: "Following the Space Shuttle - Future Plans for Manned  Spaceflight".


7. The travelling exhibition "MOVE OVER  EINSTEIN" will be at W5 at the 
Odyssey in Belfast until 3 Jan 2006. It  includes hands-on exhibits about modern 
technology based on Einstein's  scientific discoveries.  See Exhibitions at 
8. The ISS has started a nice series of morning passes over Ireland: since  
dawn is afirly late at this time of year, you can see them without getting up  
too early! Details (with lots of other info for your own location) on the  
excellent and free www.heavens-above.com.  

9. The Geminid Meteors, usually the year's best meteor shower, will  begin 
about Dec 7/8, and start building towrrds its maximum on Dec 13/14.  Maximum 
this year will be spoiled by moonlight, but you may still see some nice  meteors. 
The radiant lies just above Castor.
Clear Skies,
Terry Moseley


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