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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 19:14:44 EDT
Subject: Aurora alert, Pat Corvan event

Hi all,
1. There's a slight chance of an aurora tonight, or maybe tomorrow night:  
two medium-sized Coronal Mass Ejections are on their way to Earth from the  Sun, 
but will probably arrive during our daylight, although you never know for  
sure. In any case, probably high latitudes will be best favoured. But if it's  
clear, have a look just in case.
2. Most of you will know from one of my earlier emails that Pat Corvan, who  
recently retired after many years at Armagh Planetarium, was honoured with the 
 naming of asteroid '8515 Corvan' earlier this year.
  On Tuesday August 30th there will be a special event, organised by  the 
EAAS, at Armagh Observatory starting at 7pm. This will be an  opportune time for 
friends of Pat who have never been to the observatory to  come along. There 
will also be a special formal presentation to Pat to celebrate  the naming of 
asteroid 8515 Corvan. A finger buffet will follow the formal  proceedings.
   Following the buffet there will be tours of the observatory by  the 
Director Professor Mark Bailey and members of his staff. If we are  lucky with the 
weather, we may even get to observe with the famous 10" Grubb  refractor just 
recently refurbished. 
If you plan to attend  please contact Mrs Aileen McKee at the Observatory on 
028 3752 2928 or ambnarm.ac.uk  so that they will 
know how  many to expect.

Clear skies,
Terry Moseley


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