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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:22:40 EST
Subject: Lecture, Lidl Telecope bargains, TV

Hi all,

1. LECTURE, Wednesday 17 November: A final reminder about the next IAA Public 
Lecture which will be by Dr Creidhe O'Sullivan, NUI Maynooth, entitled "New 
Views on the Expanding Universe". It will be at 7.30 p.m., in Lecture Room 5, 
Stranmillis College, Stranmillis Road, Belfast. Admission is free, including 
light refreshments, and all are welcome.

Yes folks, it's that time of year again!  Rob the kids' piggy banks, sell 
your bric-a-brac at the nearest car boot sale, and get enough loot to hand to buy 
the telescope bargains of the year!
A. Regular readers will know my annual advice that the Lidl's pre-Xmas offer 
of a 70mm achromatic refractor telescope on a proper equatorial mount & tripod 
is simply unbeatable value for a starter telescope, or a second portable 
instrument, or even as a mount for some other scope. 
   And this year IT'S EVEN CHEAPER! - for under 50 pounds (60 euro). Here are the details: 

A. Skylux Refractor Telescope.  Available on sale in all of Ireland (and 
probably all of UK) from Monday 22 November.
Technical Data: Focal length: 700mm, objective diameter: 70mm (F/10). 
Anti-reflection coated achromatic lens.
Magnification: 35x - 175x, Max. magnification with accessories: 525x (Maximum 
practical magnification about 200x)
Accessories: Eyepiece 20mm+4mm (35x + 175x), View finder scope 6 x 30,
star diagonal prism, aluminium tripod, Equatorial mount, Astronomy Software
and Star Navigator on CD * Price:  49.99 pounds or 59.99 euro.
NB: these are full size 1.25" diameter eyepieces, but the ones supplied in 
previous years were only of medium quality. However for very little extra you 
can buy a good quality eyepiece elsewhere & still have a bargain.
It's worth that money for the mount alone!
NB! Stocks are limited, and when they are sold out, they're gone. I'll be 
there at opening time of 09.00 to get another one!

B. Only in ROI, as far as I know: 
Meade ETX 70  (apparently not a clone thereof!) Computer Telescope ( GOTO ): 
Versatile, high resolution telescope. Object glass diameter = 70mm; FL =350mm, 
F5. Includes rucksack for comfortable transport of the telescope & tripod
Magnification: 14x - 262,  Including: 3x Barlow lens;  3 eyepieces: 

Remote Control: nearly all functions are accomplished with just a few pushes of
the Autostar button on the wired remote control.  Either electronically steer the
telescope, automatically move to any of the 1400 objects stored in the database, or
manually input coordinates for any celestial object.  Price 169.00 euro.
   This telescope normally sells for about TWICE that price!

NOTE: Although both these are proper high quality astronomical telescopes, 
they are small, so DON'T expect to see as much as in a much bigger 'scope! But 
either is an ideal 'scope as a present for a beginner, particularly a 

3. TV PROGS: (Thanks to Peter Millar for the following info:
Tuesday 16th November on BBC4 (Digital/cable/satellite only).
7.00 pm Reach for the Stars: Days That Shook the World 6/10
How views of the world were challenged by astronomer Galileo's ideas and the 
first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.
10.00 pm The British Space Race.  Britain was, briefly, the unlikely player 
in the field of rocket research. Time Shift tells the story of unsung pioneers 
of space exploration: the rocket engineers, the scientists and, ultimately, 
the dreamers who never gave up on a vision of bringing the future into the 
present. lnterviewees include Professor Colin Pillinger, lead scientist of Beagle 2.
10.40 pm To Mars by A-bomb. The extraordinary yet true account of a secret US 
government-backed attempt to build a spaceship the size of an ocean liner and 
send it to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, propelled by thousands of miniature 
nuclear bombs. 

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley


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