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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 11:48:07 EDT
Subject: Dublin Lectures, BBQ, ISS, Solar day

Hi all,

1. You can get tickets for the lectures by Prof Kip Thorne & Prof Sir Roger 
Penrose at the RDS, Dublin (see last email notice), on-line at EUR20 per 
lecture (EUR10 students) from the  site by credit card. You pick up 
the tickets on the night.

2. The IAA BBQ at Armagh Observatory on Saturday was blessed with fine 
weather, in spite of a dismal morning, and those who had enough faith in the weather 
forecast of a good afternoon & evening were rewarded with probably our best 
weather yet!
   Prof. Mark Bailey gave his usual excellent & informative tour of the 
Observatory, including seeing the newly restored (almost complete) East Dome with 
the restored 15" reflector, and the restored 10" Grubb refractor in the 
Robinson Dome. We also saw the brand new dome for the 18" reflector, now converted 
back from its former 12"/18" Schmidt configuration, although the telescope 
itself has yet to be installed there.
  We saw some nice little sunspot groups by projection with the Grubb 
refractor, and later viewed the Moon through Robert Montgomery's Konus reflector, 
noting the remarkably large SE libration, which put the Mare Crisium almost on 
the limb, and brought Clavius into view only one day after FQ!
   I had prepared a couple of quizzes, which were won by Danny Collins, who 
gets a pair of 10x50 binocs kindly donated by Andy McCrea of North Down 
Telescopes, and by John Flannery who had made the trip all the way from Dublin, who 
won a book donated by Yours Truly. 
  We also rewarded Mark for his unfailing hospitality at these events over 
the years with a present of a few bottles of wine, and a little bouquet of 
flowers to his lovely wife Rowena for allowing him 'leave of absence' on all those 

3. The ISS is making a series or morning passes at present, but because it's 
mid-summer, and morning comes so early, some are visible to observers who are 
up late observing anyway, e.g. on 4 July @ 01.35.

4. The next IAA public event is the 'Solar Day' at Carnfunnock Country Park, 
near Larne, on Sunday 31 July. We have a 100% successful observing record at 
these events, so mark your diary now!

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley

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