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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 21:07:43 EDT
Subject: IAA Solstice BBQ, Armagh Observatory

Hi all,

Just a reminder about the Irish Astronomical Association midsummer BBQ at 
Armagh Observatory, courtesy of the Director, Prof Mark Bailey.

It's on Saturday 26 June, starting from about 3 p.m., although we won't be 
eating until a bit later - probably around 5.30-ish. 

Same format as before: -

Admission is free, and you bring your own food, drinks, plates, cutlery, 
mugs/glasses, a chair or rug if you wish. Bring your own BBQ tools (tongs etc) if 
you have them. We provide the cooking facility on at least one very large BBQ, 
plus a shelter if there's adverse weather.

Mark Bailey has once again very kindly offered to do conducted tours of the 
observatory, including some of the restored telescopes and domes. However, the 
East dome is still being refurbished, so access to it may be restricted.

We also hope to have a paper quiz, and other entertainment - any suggestions 
would be welcome!

If it's clear, we'll do some observing of course! Bring your telescope etc, 
if it's portable.

All IAA members and their guests are welcome, plus of course all staff of the 
Observatory and Planetarium.

The Observatory is situated near the West end of the Mall, at the bottom of 
College Hill, and has a small brown 'tourist' signpost. It has limited parking 
room, but if space is tight you can always park in the Planetarium car park 
(further out along College Hill, towards Portadown) and walk up the path (a 
short distance, signposted - follow signs to the Human Sundial if you get lost.) 

Hope to see lots of you there!

Terry Moseley

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