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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 08:46:28 EDT

Hi All,

Hope you were lucky too.

After a quick look at ingress from home, where I just caught 2nd contact, I 
joined other IAA members at our public event at Botanic Gardens/Ulster Museum. 
A totally cloudy sky at 8.0 looked dismal, but it soon cleared enough to give 
us our first acceptable, if not great, views of the transit.

We subsequently had many more clear spells, to a greater or lesser extent, 
and basically we got quite good views at times. 

As the weather improved, more & more people came, and all, or almost all, got 
good views through filters or by projection. The image  was usually too hazy 
to give good views through the Coronados.

We were besieged by the media - after GMTV this morning we had the 
Newsletter, Irish News, Belfast Telegraph, BBC Radio, BBC TV, UTV, BBC On-Line, BBC 
Network News, etc! At times we could hardly cope with them all.

Look for coverage on the BBCNI and UTV evening news this evening.

But the cloud increased as 3rd contact approached, and we missed egress, but 
I think everyone was quite happy just to have seen it.

Our only regret was that we had no champagne to celebrate!

Roll on 2012.....

How did others fare?

Terry Moseley

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