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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 13:32:53 EDT
Subject: 10x50 binocs for 14!

Hi all,

Another amazing Lidl bargain! They are selling proper 10x50 ZCF type binocs 
for 13.99 right now! (Thanks to John Hall for the tip!)

They seem good quality (though I haven't been able to star-test them yet). 
They have ruby-coated front lenses, and at least some coating on the eyepiece 
lenses - the spec doesn't say what. They have quite good field of view, of 
almost 7 degrees (119m @ 1000m). No information available re the prisms....

They come complete with case, strap, lens caps, centre focus, fold-down 
eyecups, individual dioptre adjustment, & tripod mounting socket at front. The body 
is lightweight aluminium alloy, but they seem solidly built.

A daylight comparison with my Zeiss 10x50's showed very little difference! 
There is very slight vignetting at the field edge, but no more than most 

But at 13.99 they're brilliant value (sorry Andy, etc....). Get a pair as a 
spare, or split them to make two 10x50 finders!

Go now, while they're still there.

Good luck, & clear skies,

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From: TerryMoselaol.com Subject: Test of Lidl binocs Hi all, Further to my earlier email, I have now sky-tested the Lidl's 'TRONIC' 10x50 binocs. D. Moore queried whether the 'ruby' coating was suitable for astronomy, thinking it might colour the image. I have just checked them on Jupiter and the Moon, and the colour of the image is absolutely normal to the eye. Perhaps 'ruby' is too strong - the coating is more orange, or pink, than real ruby, but I think that that's the usual term used to describe that coating. On Jupiter, there was some very slight flaring around the image, but I could still see all four of the Galilean moons, although Io and Europa were very close together and could not be separated: my trusty Zeiss 10x50's could not separate them either. The image of the moon was crisp and contrasty. With the moon being full, I couldn't do a 'deep sky' test. I'm not claiming that these would equal a top quality pair costing 100+, but they are exceptional value for 13.99, and would do any beginner starting observing, or as a spare pair, or for a present, or for a raffle prize, or if you are prepared to mutilate them, you could make two 10x50 finders for 7 each! The field of view is very good for such a cheap pair, and the fall-off in image quality towards the edge of the field of view is no worse than in pairs costing 5 times as much! The body is aluminium alloy, with rubber armour over the prism section. They are light, and well-balanced. And BTW, there's a 5-year guarantee with them! I'm certainly happy that my 13.99 was well spent. Now just wait until Lidls start selling 200mm SCTs...... Clear Skies, Terry Moseley

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