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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 20:06:32 EDT
Subject: 2 More Clear nights, lectures, ASGI

Hi all,

This is getting spooky! It's now 15 out of 15 clear, or partly clear, skies 
for our IAA public observing events! Sat night at Castle Espie was clear until 
Mars had risen enough to get above the trees, and reward everyone who was 
there on time a view through a telescope, although it was still low; however many 
saw the polar cap. Altogether about 200 were there.

And tonight, we fared even better, with nice telescopic views of Mars higher 
up, with quite good seeing. Everyone saw the Polar cap clearly, and other 
markings were seen  by many too. Then clouds came in, but the patient were 
rewarded with a total sky clearance at about 10.30, giving even better views of Mars, 
and a spectacular gibbous moon.

And on each night we had excellent and very well received Stardome 
presentations by Mark (& Cathy) McCluney, talks by Derek Heatly & Andy McCrea (+ one by 
me), and everyone went away very happy!

And on Sat afternoon we also had largely clear sky for our telescope event at 
The Argory, near Moy, although since I didn't choose that date I can't claim 
it as part of the 'winning 15/15 sequence'! That was also a great success, and 
we're checking its suitability for a night-time dark-sky venue.

A last reminder about the two RIA lectures by Prof Wendy Freedman, in Dublin 
(RIA, Dawson St) on Monday night, and Belfast (QUB) on Tuesday night. Seats 
are still available for the Tuesday night at least. Both events are free, and 
well worth attending.

Finally, another reminder that the autumn ASGI meeting is at Maynooth 
University, but as stated in an earlier email, it's at professional level: details on 

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley

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