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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:18:29 EDT
Subject: Aurora, Giant Sunspot, TIME, Scope for sale

Hi all,

1. There was a minor aurora last night, reported by quite a few people over 
the Northern half of Ireland - not very bright, but still it shows that there's 
life in this cycle yet! And there may be more to come .....

2. Have you seen the giant sunspot! Wow, what a beauty! It's now the size of 
Jupiter, easily visible to the unaided eye, with filters of course!
   And there's another very active region just coming round the limb, which 
may well be just as good, or at least just as active. So look out for more 
aurorae, from tonight onwards, and more likely tonmorrow night.

3. You might still be lucky enough to get one of the last few tickets for the 
TIME event in Armagh:  (see http://star.arm.ac.uk/publicevents/), as owing to 
pressure of numbers they have now moved to the slightly larger Studio Theatre 
of the Marketplace, Armagh. The time is still the same: c.18:00 to 22:00, Sun
day 26 October.

4. For Sale: 6" (150mm) Helios Evostar refractor, F8, on EQ5 Mount & 
adjustable metal tripod, with battery powered electric drive on RA. 9x50 finder, 2" 
focuser with 1.25" adaptor, accessory tray, dew shield, two eyepieces. Polar 
alignment finder. Super planetary & general telescope. Excellent images. Also 
Sirius 'Minus Violet' filter, giving semi-apochromatic images. Bargain at 499. 
Can deliver within reasonable distance from Belfast. Contact me.

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley

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