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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 17:12:31 EDT
Subject: Lectures: Impact Craters, Ulsternaut, Orionids

Hi all,

You might be interested in the following, which Dr Mike Simms asked me to 
pass on.

''Hi Terry,
You might like to pass the following information on to members concerning 3 
lectures this Friday in Dublin. 

Date and Venue: Friday 17th October at 5.30pm
Thomas Davis Lecture Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College, Dublin. Entry 
is free.


5.30 INTRODUCTION: Professor Nicky White

5.35-6.05: Mike Simms (Ulster Museum): Searching for hidden impact craters.

6.05-6.35: Joanne Morgan (Imperial College, London): Chicxulub: where do we
stand and where are we going?

6.35-7.05: Simon Stewart (IBP Azerbaijan): Silverpit multi-ringed Crater,
North Sea.

It is aimed very much at a non-specialist audience, and the first talk (Mike 
Simms) will, amongst other things, describe recent discoveries in Co Antrim 
and across the UK.
Best wishes

Dr. Mike Simms
Curator of Palaeontology
Department of Geology
Ulster Museum
Botanic Gardens
Belfast BT9 5AB
tel. 028-9038 3133
FAX 028-9038 3103

The next IAA lecture will be by Derek Heatly, the IAA's own 'Ulsternaut', who 
recently flew to the edge of space in a Mig 27, did 10 zero-g flights, and 
generally made the rest of us sick as weightless parrots with envy! He has 
slides and a video to prove it really happened! And he'll have his usual amazing 
collection of space memorabilia, Martian & other meteorites etc. It will be on 
Wednesday 22 October, 7.30 p.m., Stranmillis College, Belfast. Admission free, 
including light refreshments

The maximum of the Orionid meteor shower will be on October 20, and you might 
see 20 -25 per hour in clear dark skies. The radiant is in NE Orion, not too 
far from the 'feet' of Gemini.

And watch the News for the forthcoming first Chinese 'personned' spaceflight, 
probably later this week. They don't just make good, and cheap, telescopes, 
you know!

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley

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