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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Subject: 2 x TV, IAA Lecture, Leonids

Hi all,

1. Don't forget the last in the trilogy of "The Theory of Everything", 
Sunday, 8 p.m., Channel 4.

2. "Building the Ultimate" looks at the techology behind space travel. 
Monday, 8 p.m., Channel 5.

3. Next IAA public lecture: Wednesday 19 November. Two For The Price Of One!  

" Irish Astronomical Association,  Public Lectures: "My Bulgarian Astronomy 
Trip", by Jacquie Milligan, and "My Amazing Geodesic Observatory" by xxxxxxx
xxxxxx. 7.30 p.m., Lecture Room 5, Stranmillis College. Admission ffree, all 

4. Time to start looking out for Leonids: Maxima occur on the nights of 
17/18/19 November, though will be spoiled somewhat by the waning last quarter moon 
in Leo! The 'normal' maximum may occur about 03.00 on the 18th, which is 
nearly ideal for observers in Ireland. A ZHR of up to 100 has been predicted, but 
of course we wouldn't see anything like that with the moonlight.
   But there are other predictions of particular local 'streams' caused by 
filaments emitted from various specific perihelion passages of the parent comet, 
55P/ Tempel Tuttle. The following is from WGN, the journal of the IMO, 
updated by Dr David Asher of Armagh Observatory: I have quoted only those significan 
additional 'superimposed' maxima which will be visible from Ireland, or could 
be if the times are wrong by an hour or so:
Nov 19, 06.30 to 08.00 UT, from the 1533 trail: possible ZHR rates up to 100?
Nov 19, 16.50 UT: from the 1733 trail, ZHR rates up to 70?
Nov 20, 00.50 to 01.26 UT, from the 1333 trail, ZHR rates up to 20?

The stream on the evening of Nov 19 is likely to be too early for us to 
observe, as the radiant doesn't rise until after 11 p.m., but these are likely to 
be the brighest meteors, as they come from the most recent of this set of 
perihelion passages.

To observe, choose a fairly dark location, and look away from the Moon; 
ideally hide it behind a building or trees.

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley

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