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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 20:46:08 EST
Subject: Cosmos 03, Quantum Music, Shuttle

Hi all,

1. Only one week to go to the "COSMOS 2003" weekend in Tullamore, County 
Offaly, running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Details at: 

2. You may be interested to know that one of our leading IAA members, Roy 
Mitchell (who writes the 'Deep Sky' section in Stardust), is like many 
astronomers, a very competent musician: I'm passing on the following from 
him, in case you're interested. He has already had a broadcast in the same 
series done in the dome at Armagh Observatory, where the link was between 
astronomy & music.

"I just thought that you and a few other of my scientifically/technologically 
aware friends might be interested in listening to Arts Extra on BBC Radio 
Ulster at about 6:30 pm tomorrow (Fri 21st March), as I will be (if all goes 
according to plan) performing a piece of music commisioned by the BBC, from 
inside one of H&W's giant yellow cranes.  As you can see from the enclosed 
press release, I will be attempting to bring to the audiences attention, the 
role quantum physics played in inspiring the short piece.  
Bye for now.
Press release: 

Roy Mitchell, a composer and improvising musician, is currently preparing a 
piece of music, to be performed at Harland & Wolf shipyard on Friday 21st 
March. The music will consist of a partly improvised solo, for clarinet, with 
the title, "Portals to Another Dawn". The piece will illustrate the struggle 
to balance opposing forces that shape our daily lives; each of the shipyard's 
giant cranes representing an opportunity, at every dawn, to follow a 
different philosophical path. The hope, conveyed through the music, is that 
like elementary particles in the quantum world, we can eventually find the 
ability to pass through both portals simultaneously and that our collective 
mindset can achieve a permanent equilibrium."

Late News:
Search crews walking a grid near Hemphill, Texas, have found the shuttle 
Columbia's orbiter experiments recorder, or OEX, a tape recorder that stored 
key data about the shuttle's performance during re-entry. See     


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