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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 19:15:35 EDT
Subject: Bright Flash

Hi all, 

While out waiting to observe an Iridium Flare, I saw a bright, very brief, 
flash in the NNW sky, at 22.56 U.T. this evening, 20 June.

The sky was too bright to show any stars in that region, so I can only 
estimate the position roughly as altitude + 25 deg to +30 deg; azimuth 330 deg to 
340 deg. That would put it in Western UMa, somehere in the general region of 
Theta to Iota to Omicron UMa.

It was instantaneous, like a camera flash, and 'bright white' in colour, and 
I would estimate the magnitude at about -3 to -4, at the very very brief peak. 
There was no sound, and no visible movement during the period of visibility. 
It was very unlike a sunlight-flash from a high-flying aircraft. And it wasn't 
a chance reflection from the Iridium ahead of time, as it was ahead of where 
the satellite duly appeared some 50 seconds later.

Did anyone else see it?

It's a nice clear night, but no sign of any NLCs.

My location is: Glengormley, +54 deg 39' 55"; W 5 deg 57m 12s, altitude about 


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