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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 14:55:12 EDT
Subject: Deep Impact, Brilliant Solar-Day

Hi all, 

If you haven't already seen it, "Deep Impact" is on again tonight, BBC1, 

We had another brilliant 'Solar Day' at Carnfunnock this afternoon, as the 
top of my head is painfully reminding me!

A slightly cloudy start gave me a chance for a short talk on the Sun, 
followed by Derek Heatly's account of & video of his weightless flights, and his 
amazing trip in the MIG to the edge of space!

Then outside to set up a variety of 'scopes, including the amazing Coronado, 
for Sun observing.

Wow! What a view! As if by magic, the Sun's disc was beautifully active, with 
over 30 spots visible! And the Coronado showed incredible detail on the disc, 
and loads of prominences, though no big ones, around the limb.

Then I did a conducted tour of the Park's excellent collection of Sundials & 
associated items, & everyone seemed very happy.

That's a 100% success record for all our events there (both day & night sky) 
- we have never been clouded out yet. And it's not a last-minute decision to 
go based on a weather forecast - I picked the date over a year ago!

The Newsletter send along a photographer, so look out for Monday's issue, 
which should cover both our event and Derek's adventure.

Derek will also be featured in tomorrow's Sunday Life.

And good news for our Southern members - we have decided to hold another 
special event for you, probably in Birr like the last one - details & date to be 
announced soon!

Clear Skies to all,

Terry Moseley

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