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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:19:08 EST
Subject: Six Items

Hi all,

1. Comet NEAT is still brightening: I estimated it at magnitude 5 at 9.40 
this evening, still with a faint tail. But some other observers reckon it is 
even brighter. It should definitely become visible to the unaided eye early 
next month.
2. Daramona House: thanks to the efforts of many of you, but particularly Dr 
Ian Elliott, Daramona House, home of the Wilsons & Daramona Observatory, has 
now been given protected listed building status.
3. Heavens Above: this popular site was unavailable for several days due to 
re-organisation at the German National Space Centre, but is now functioning 
4. The ISS has just commenced another series of evening passes over Ireland, 
with the best ones to come in the first week in February. Details on 
Heavens Above.
5. Andrew Trimble Memorial Lecture by Prof Mark Bailey to the EAAS, 
Ballyrobert, Co Antrim, 8 p.m. Monday 3 February, "Giant Comets: Source 
Regions and Possible Effects on Earth"
6. Lecture by T. Moseley to Cork Astronomy Club, UCC, 7.30 / 8 p.m., "Aliens: 
Where Are They?" 
All welcome - even aliens!

Good Luck & Clear Skies to all,

Terry Moseley

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