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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:25:45 EST
Subject: Two comets, one in SOHO

Hi all,

Two nice comets are now visible, one however only in SOHO!

Comet Kudo-Fujikwawa is in the field of the SOHO C3 'coronagraph' imaging, 
and shows nicely: See:
for various levels of images.  

Also see it via www.heavens-above.com.

Comet NEAT is now developing nicely: the BAA says it's '5th magnitude' but I 
esimated it at about 5m.6 at 19.05 this evening in 10x50 & 30x80 binocs, with 
a tail of about 1.5 degrees. It should brighten further, becoming an easy NE 
object before it disappears in mid-Feb.

Get your views before the Moon comes back into the evening sky. It's just 
about to pass South of the right-hand edge of the Square of Pegasus over the 
next few days.

And the ISS will be starting another series of evening passes from Ireland in 
a day or so: details from: www.heavens-above.com

Good Luck,

Terry Moseley.

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