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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 16:39:45 EDT
Subject: BBQ & TV Progs

Hi all,

As promised in STARDUST, I said I would hold a 'Perseids BBQ' for IAA members 
(& others) on the first clear night of 9, 10, 11 or 12 August. This will be 
more of an excuse for a BBQ than anything else, as the bright almost-full Moon 
will drown out all but the brightest meteors. But we may also get a look at 
Mars if you don't mind staying up late.

Tomorrow (Sun 10th) looks quite promising, so provisionally it's on for 
tomorrow. I'll do another email update about 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.

Venue is the picnic site at Big Collin, on the B94 from Ballyclare to 
Broughshane. It's just over the top of the hill on the left going from Ballyclare, on 
the Northside of the hill. It's a proper picnic site with about a dozen 
proper picnic tables, parking, and a fairly dark sky, although that will be 
academic, with the moonlight!

As for the Midsummer BBQ at Armagh Observatory, I'll bring the BBQ, fuel etc, 
you bring your own food, drink, cooking & eating equipment.

If you want to observe meteors, bring a lounger, or a waterproof rug to lie 
on. If you have a portable telescope, bring it too & we can also have a look at 
the Moon, & Mars after it rises at about 22.20: observable by about 11.30, 

This is a 'T. Moseley' event, not an official IAA one, so you come at your 
own risk! 

We start cooking at 8.15, and finish eating by 9.30, so I can get everything 
cleared away before it gets really dark. If you come too late, you'll have to 
go to Ballyclare for a take-away!

Hope it's clear, & to see lots of you there. It's free, of course!

Two TV Progs, which unfortunately clash with each other, & the above - so set 
the video!
1. Sunday, CHANNEL 4, 20.00 "Gods in the Sky"
New series. In this three-part study, Oxford historian & well-known astronomy 
lecturer Dr Allan Chapman reveals how the astronomical religions of our early 
ancestors laid the basis for civilised life. He travels to Egypt, where he 
tells the story of the ancient astronomer priests and their flamboyant deities. 
Visiting the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings -  and aided by Patrick 
Moore - he reveals how the worship of star-gods helped us to develop the modern 
2. Sunday, BBC 1, 20.00 "Earth Ride". A mixture of real-life & compuer 
animated footage track the journey of a single drop of rain on its great cycle from 
space to the deepest ocean. A fascinating documentary following this most 
precious of resources on its never-ending cycle around our planet. Combining 
hi-tech graphics with wildlife film, viewers are taken on an exhilarating armchair 
ride that encompasses humpback whales, rainforests, volcanoes, glaciers and 
   (More of interest to ecologists & wildlife enthusiasts, but may still be 
of interest, as it's a pre-requiste for life elsewhere.) 

Enjoy whichever takes your fancy.

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley

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