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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 15:20:18 EDT
Subject: Lecture, AGM & Mercury Transit

Hi all,

1. My lecture on "Aliens - Where Are They?" seems to be reasonably popular - 
the next delivery will be to the Galway Astronomy Club on Monday evening at 
8.0. (If 'they' don't come & get me first....)

2. The Irish Astronomical Association AGM on Wed 30 April in Stranmillis 
College, Belfast, will be followed by George Brannan's always entertaining 
video of the highlights of the past year. All are welcome to attend, although 
only members can take part in the official business.

3. If you are planning to observe the Transit of Mercury on 7 May, have you 
got either a proper solar filter for your telecope, or a safe projection 
system? If not, better get a filter quickly, or make a projection system. 
More details later, but if you are planning to buy some Baader Astro-Solar, 
for example, you would need to act now. Remember, serious injury, including 
blindness, could be the result of even a moment's carelessness!

I'll be away to Galway from early Monday to late on Tuesday, so don't expect 
any email replies during that period....


Terry Moseley

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