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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 19:53:15 EDT
Subject: Fireball & WSP

Hi All,

Another fireball report from John Hall, Glengormley:

" At 22-33 UT on 1 December I noticed a bright fireball just passing about 
2-3 degrees to the right of the Pointers, in Ursa Major.It appeared after 
clearing a bank of cloud, through which the object could just be seen. It was 
about -7 in brightness, bright green in colour, left a short train, which 
persisted for a few seconds. no sound was noticed and no debris breaking off. 
After passing the Pointers, the object vanished below the horizon." Anyone 
else see this one?

I have now received about eight confirmatory reports of John's last fireball: 
details will be in STARDUST (to IAA members only), out soon. But it's VERY 
unlikely that it produced a meteorite.

Don't forget that the next, unmissable, Whirlpool Star Party will be on 4-6 
October at Birr, Co Offaly. Accommodation is already getting booked out, so 
don't delay if you want to go. I can send you a comprehensive list of 
accommodation in the area on request.
Details of the excellent WSP Programme are available from <

See you there!


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