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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:25:57 EST
Subject: LEONIDS, 2 Lectures, etc

Hi all,

The weather prospects for tonight don't look good, but I've already had a 
report from Mike Kelleher in Cork that he can see the moon through breaks in 
the cloud, so don't give up hope yet! It will be worth looking anytime until 
dawn, although as per previous reports, 03.30 to 04.30 will be best.

One way to improve your chances is to find a spot downwind of a high hill, or 
preferably a range of hills or mountains, which will sometimes give local 
breaks in the cloud, where everywhere else is hopeless.

There's a mention of my IAA news alert on the BBC NI News website, if you 
want to have a look:

Don't Forget the Biennial Robinson Lecture on Friday 22 November, in the 
Studio Theatre, Market Place, Armagh, at 7.30 p.m. It's by Professor Carl 
Murray, University of London, entitled "In Search of Our Origins: The 
Cassini/Huyghens Mission to Saturn". Prof Murray is one of the principal 
investigators on this major mission. Admission free, but by ticket only, fom 
Aileen McKee, at , or tel 028 (048 from ROI) 3752 2928.

This lecture by the Belfast Geology Society may also be of interest. It's 
next Wednesday, 20th November in the Ulster Museum, at 7:30pm.  It's about 
new developments on the Permian Extinction - the greatest mass extinction 
that has ever occurred.  It'll be given by Dr Paul Wignall of the University 
of Leeds.  I'm sure visitors will be welcome.

Finally does anyone know if it is possible to get a video copy of the BBC TV 
series "The Planets" either without the background music, or with subtitles, 
for someone with a hearing problem? If so, please let me know the details.

Good Luck,

Terry Moseley

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