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Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 11:55:07 EDT
Subject: Bill Napier & BBQ

Hi all,

You might be interested to note that this evening's Belfast Telegraph has 
long and interesting interview with Prof Bill Napier of Armagh Observatory,
and now with an extra 'Chair' at Cardiff University (in the 'Final' edition,
it's on p. 11.) 

It's mainly about his very successful science/astronomy thriller novels, the
latest of which is published today. It's called 'The Lure', pub. by Headline,
at 18.99. If it's even half as good as his two earlier ones, Nemesis, and
Revelation, it will be well worth the read! I read both of the first two
non-stop: they were that gripping.

And just to put the record straight, the overall winners of my quiz at the
IAA Midsummer BBQ at Armagh Observatory last Saturday were two meteorologists
working at the Observatory, Mark Emerson and Brenda Morrow. They beat all the
so-called astronomers, although it was close! Second, just one point behind
was Andy McCrea, with Danny Collins just one point behind him. Next was Roy
Mitchell. All get prizes of a nice astronomy book, courtesy of the

Consolation to Andy was that he won the treasure hunt, fiendishly set by Dr
Simon Jeffrey and Prof Mark Bailey.

In spite of the appalling weather up to then, the afternoon turned out well,
with some late sun, and we even got observing it, checking on the live images
which were downloaded from SOHO and Big Bear Solar Observatory by Prof Gerry
Doyle, accompanying the talk which he and Maria presented in the library. And
the BBQ was good too! All in all, a very successful day, and thanks to all
who contributed, and particularly to Mark for hosting it once again.

Terry Moseley

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