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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 19:44:04 EDT

Hi all,

Tonight's news featured a report of a newly discovered 'Solar System' round 
the star 55 Cancri! Well, they've discovered a Jupiter-sized planet, in a 
Jupiter-sized orbit, going around a Sun-sized star, so with a big leap of 
faith, there might be an earth-sized planet in an earth-sized orbit, there 
too! But back to things about which we can be a little more confident...

The next IAA 'Solar Event' will be at Carnfunnock Country Park, Co Antrim, on 
SATURDAY 15 June, from 2.30 to 4.30 p.m. This will be similar to the very 
successful event at Castle Espie last Sunday, with the added attraction of 
the best collection of sundials in Ireland! The mobile Planetarium will be 
there again, with the incomparable Julie Thompson as your hostess & 
presenter! There are lots of other attractions too, including lovely walks, a 
maze, and play areas & picnic tables.

You can't miss it: it's on the main coast road (A2) about 3 miles north of 
Larne; just half a mile past the little quaintly-named village of Drains Bay! 
There's a big stone triangle at the entrance, just on the left on the main 
road. Drive into the main car park as far as you can if you have to unload 
your 'scopes etc.

If it's sunny, we might set up the telescopes at two separate locations: just 
beside the reception / restaurant / classroom (where the planetarium will 
be), and another lot in the walled garden near the sundials. Jacquie 
Milligan's Coronado telescope, showing the Sun in H-Alpha light, will be 
there again; always a great hit.

There's a small admission charge per car for admission to Carnfunnock C.P. so 
it makes sense to share cars where possible. And it's worth it anyway, if 
you've never been: it's a lovely place, and the sundials are worth seeing on 
their own. 

There's a nice cafe, and plenty of picnic tables, so you (and partner, kids 
etc) can go & enjoy it too if it's a good day. 

Hope to see lots of you there - everyone will be welcome.

And don't forget -

1. This event is on SATURDAY, not Sunday, and 
2. Keep the following Saturday (22nd) afternoon & evening free for the Summer 
Solstice BBQ at Armagh Observatory: Open to all IAA members & their guests, 
plus Observatory & Planetarium staff & guests. More details later.

Terry Moseley

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