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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 20:06:00 EDT
Subject: Various

Hi all,

Firstly, only two spotted the not-so-deliberate mistake in my last email: the 
diameter of 2002 NY 40 is estimated at 450 - 1000m, not km! (not to be 
confused with 2002 NT7, which is getting all the press attention at the 
moment: latest estimates are for only a 1:60,000 chance of a collision - but 
if it does hit us, it will be nasty....)

Agnes Mary Clerke, a native of Skibbereen, co Cork, was one of Ireland's 
leading woman astronomers, and Dr Maire Bruck has just written a biography of 
her. She will be launching the book in Ireland at a special ceremony in 
Skibbereen Town Hall, North St,  at 8 p.m. on Friday evening, 26 June. There 
will be a presentation by Richard M Deasy, Clerkes' nearest surviving 
next-of-kin. It's not really a public event but if you really want to go, you 
could contact Marion Salter at the Town Hall  and ask if 
they could squeeze you in.

The Sky at Night will be repeated on Saturday morning at 02.00 on BBC2: it's 
about the excellent new South Downs Planetarium in Chichester, run mainly by 
the inimitable Dr John Mason. It was and is a totally voluntary project, and I 
was extremely impressed with it when I was at the Official Opening by the 
Astronomer Royal in April (nothing like a bit of name-dropping, eh?). They 
use the former Armagh Planetarium Projector, and it's well worth a visit if 
you are in the area.

Finally, photos of  two recent IAA events, our Summer Solstice BBQ at Armagh 
Observatory, and the joint IAA/BGS Field Trip 'Apocalypse at Larne' will soon 
be on our website: www.btinternet.com/~jimmyaquarius

Clear Skies,


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