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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 18:41:26 EST
Subject: Jupiter Occultation!

Hi all,

Don't forget the Jupiter occultation on Saturday night, visible in all but 
the SE corner of Ireland.  Hope you are making plans to observe....

I have done a table of the approximate times of disappearance & reappearance 
of Jupiter and its satellites for the main locations in Ireland. Just in case 
you can't, or won't, open attachments, I've done it in the body of this 
email. Not neat, but should be OK.

           Start Disapp.   Start Reapp.  End Occult.

Jupiter     17h 47.5m     18h 11.5m      18h 14m
Ganymede    17h 51.5m     18h 15.5m
Io          17h 54m       18h 15m
Europa      17h 58m       18h 16m

Jupiter     17h 47m       18h 01m        18h 05m
Ganymede    17h 52.5m     18h 05.5m
Io          17h 57m       18h 03m
Europa      Miss?

CULTRA (& Belfast)
Jupiter     17h 48m       18h 12.5m      18h 15.5m
Ganymede    17h 52m       18h 16.5m
Io          17h 55m       18h 16m
Europa      17h 59.5m     18h 17m

Jupiter     17h 49m       18h 06m        18h 10m
Ganymede    17h 53m       18h 10m
Io          17h 57m       18h 09m
Europa      18h 02.5m     18h 09m

Jupiter     17h 45m       18h 09m        18h 12m
Ganymede    17h 49m       18h 12.5m
Io          17h 52m       18h 12.5m
Europa      17h 56m       18h 13m

HORN HEAD (Donegal)
Jupiter     17h 46m       18h 15.5m      18h 18m
Ganymede    17h 50m       18h 19m
Io          17h 52.5m     18h 19m
Europa      17h 56m       18h 21m
Callisto    18h 15m       18h 25m

Jupiter     17h 47m       18h 14m        18h 17m
Ganymede    17h 50.5m     18h 18m
Io          17h 53m       18h 18.5m
Europa      17h 56.5m     18h 21m
Callisto    Graze / near miss at 18.20

Jupiter     17h 46m       18h 06.5m      18h 09m
Ganymede    17h 50m       18h 10m
Io          17h 54m       18h 09m
Europa      17h 58.5m     18h 09m

Jupiter     17h 47m       18h 16m        18h 18m
Ganymede    17h 50.5m     18h 19.5m
Io          17h 53m       18h 19.5m
Europa      17h 56m       18h 21m
Callisto    18h 16m       18h 24.5m

Jupiter     17h 45.5      18h 12m        18h 15.5m
Ganymede    17h 49m       18h 16m
Io          17h 52m       18h 16m
Europa      17h 56m       18h 17.5m   

Jupiter     17h 47m       18h 07m        18h 11m
Ganymede    17h 51m       18h 11m
Io          17h 55m       18h 10.5m
Europa      17h 59m       18h 10.5m

Note that Callisto is only occulted in the extreme NW of Ireland, & that the 
satellites don't always reappear in the same order as they disappeared!  E&OE!

And all will be welcome -
(1) at our IAA lecture on Wed night (23rd), by Prof Bill Napier (Armagh 
Observatory & Cardiff University), 7.30 p.m., Stranmillis College, Belfast: 
"Life in a Cosmic Setting - Some Mysteries", and
(2) at the IAA public observing event for the occultation at the lower car 
park, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra, Co Down, starting at 5.30 p.m.

Clear skies & Good Luck!


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