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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 17:52:09 EST
Subject: NEW COMET, Hypernova! + LECTURES

Hi all,

A new comet has been discovered which should reach 4th magnitude in late 

C/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang) was discovered on Feb 1 by Kaoru Ikeya (Japan) & 
Daqing Zhang (China) at about mag 9.

It's currently about 8th mag in Cetus, but moving nearly due North and in 
mid-March will be just East of Square of Pegasus at about mag 4.5

It should be brightest at 4th magnitude around end of March, but close to the 
Sun and very low down in the North West (10-20 degrees). It will then 
reappear in the morning sky, but fainter.

Elements are:

T = 2002 Mar 08.912
e = 1.0
q = 0.49127 AU
small omega: 19.237          )
Capital Omega 111.715      ) Epoch 2000.0
i = 26.341                         )

More details later.

A Supernova / possible Hypernova has been discovered in M74. Position: RA 1h 
36m 24s; Dec + 15deg 45' 13" (2000.0). It's about 4.5' west & nearly 2' south 
of centre of glaxy. About mag 14 at discovery, but likely to brighten 
further? Get your CCDs out! Accurate magnitude estimates will be very useful!

Next IAA meeting is tomorrow night, Wed, 7.30 p.m., Lecture Room 5, 
Stranmillis College, Belfast. Dr Simon Jeffery (Armagh Observatory) will 
speak on "Cannibals in the Sky". Admission free, and all welcome.

The EAAC's 5th anniversary lecture will be on Mon 18 Feb at 8.0 in Thompson 
Primary School, Ballyrobert, Co Antrim. Dr Robert Walsh (Univ of Central 
Lancs) will speak on "Living with a Star - Our Dynamic Sun".

Clear Skies!

Terry Moseley

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