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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 15:58:53 EST
Subject: Lots of Things!

Hi all,

1. Don't forget the Jupiter occultation tonight (Fri-Sat) starting at about 
02.45 - 02.50, depending on where you are. Start a bit earlier if you want to 
see 3 of the Galilean Moons being occulted too (Europa is behind Jupiter from 
02.43, so we won't see it being occulted)

2. Possible aurora tonight and/or tomorrow night, although the Moon is rather 

3. Comet Ikeya Zhang is now predicted to reach almost 2nd magnitude in 
mid-late March! It should be brightening nicely by the time the Moon is out 
of the way in early March. More details later.

4. Programme for "Cosmos 2002", Annaharvey Farm, Tullamore:

Friday: Registration 19.30. Talk 21 hours "Asia in Space" by Brian Harvey.
22 hrs. - Observation.

Saturday: Registration 9.30. Dr. Ian Sanders 10 a.m. "Origin of Meteorites".
12 noon - Dr. Eugene McGovern "Geomatics".  Lunch 13.30 hrs.
14.30 hrs. Dr. Eric Finch - "Counting the Weak and Feeble.
16.30 - (Probably) John O'Neill "Hawaii - Halfway between Heaven and Hell".
20 hrs. - Dinner. 21.30 - Short talks on observation, followed by observing.

Sunday: 10.30 IFAS Meeting. 
12.30 - Dr. Brian O'Donnell of Enterprise Ireland and European Space Agency.
13.30 lunch. 14.30 Quiz and Presentation. 

Armagh Planetarium will attend, but on Saturday only.
  Booking & other details from Maire & Girvan McKay, . I can 
send you a comprehensive list of accommodation in the area by email on 

5. Remember to note in your diary the exciting series of lectures by 
acclaimed speaker Dr John Mason, as follows:

Wed 20 March, 7.30 p.m., Lecture Room 5, Stranmillis College, Belfast to the 
Irish Astronomical Association: title:  "If We Had No Moon". Admission free.

Thurs 21st, (8 p.m.) EAAC, Ballyclare: title: "The Life & Times of Stars"

Mon 25th, IAS, Dublin (8 p.m.): title: "Destination Mars"

Tues 26th, Limerick (8 p.m.), to the Shannonside AC (+ the Galway AC): title: 
"If We had No Moon".

Wed 27th, (UCC, 8 p.m.): to the Cork Ast Club: title "Destination Mars".

I guarantee that each of these will be well worth hearing! 
NB: Note that the dates for the Cork & Limerick events have been switched 
from the notice I gave out on 17 Feb.

Contact the host club in each case for more information:
EAAC: contact John McConnell 
IAS: contact John O'Neill 
CAC: contact Tom Bonner bonnert@indigo.ie
SAC: contact David Bell 
GAC: contact Ronan Newman < galwayastro@email.com

6. The Spring 2002 ASGI meeting will be `hosted' by the Department of 
Physics, Trinity College Dublin, on Friday 22 March in the Department's new 
Nasr Building (behind the 'old' Department building on campus).
   Confirmed invited speakers are  Prof. Giorgio Palumbo (University of 
Bologna): "High Energy Astrophysics from Space: its present and future") and 
Dr. Denise Gabuzda (University College Cork): "Probing the Relativistic Radio 
Jets of Active Galactic Nuclei").
   NOTE THAT this is a professional-level daytime meeting, and is really only 
open to ASGI members, or members of affiliated clubs, such as the Irish 
Astronomical Association. 
   Further details from Aaron Golden: 

7. Finally, I have discontinued one of my mobile numbers: as from now 07979 
541622 is dead. You can still get me on 07979 300842.

Hope to see you at some of these events.

Terry Moseley.

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