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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 18:52:31 EDT
Subject: Fireball tonight

Hi all,

I've just had this reportt of a bright fireball seen earlier toinight by IAA 
Treasurer John Hall, from Glengormley (54 deg 39' 53"N, 5 deg 57m 13s W). Did 
anyone else see it?

                "Just a note to say that I observed a bright fireball on the 
20th August at approx 22-10 UT.
 I first saw it when it was about 25 degrees above the Southern horizon, it 
was travelling in a North -South direction and it dissapeared below the 
horizon still brightening, I estimated it to be  --8, green in colour, 
leaving a trail of flames, with bits breaking off."
If anyone else saw it, please give details including your location, and as 
much as possible of the following: your own estimate of time, duration, 
brightness, direction, altitude & azimuth of start, highest point, and end of 
track, (or path relative to the stars), colour, sounds (if any) & whether you 
saw it cease to be visible while still above your horizon, or if it was still 
moving when it disappeared from your view.

Many thanks,

Terry Moseley

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