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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 15:57:32 EDT
Subject: Occultation, Lecture & radio prog.

Hi all,

Please pray to the weather gods! After a glorious spell of good weather, the 
forecast is less than good for tomorrow night's Saturn occultation. But I 
always live in hope, and you never know.

All are welcome at the IAA public observing night at the Lower Car Park 
(below the road), Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra, Holywood, Co Down, 
from about 9 p.m. - unless the weather is absolutely hopeless. Bring your own 
telescopes & binoculars if you can. If it's clear we'll try for Mercury at 
about 9.00, then we can observe the Moon itself, Jupiter, Saturn, & Comet 
Ikeya-Zhang. Venus & Mars will also be visible, but not rewarding as far as 
telescopic views are concerned. And of course anything else that's visible.

Full details are in STARDUST for you lucky IAA members; for others, to 
summarise, the times are approximately:

Location Occ of Titan Occ of Saturn Notes (all times are U.T.!
Armagh      20.46   20.53 - 21.22   
Belfast     20.45   20.51 - 21.23   
Cork        20.57   21.09?  Graze, max about 21.12
Dublin      20.50   20.57 - 21.12   
Galway      20.51   20.59 - 21.18   
Limerick    20.53   21.02 - 21.16   
Schull      21.01   No occultation  Rhea occult. about 21.13
Tullamore   20.50   20.57 - 21.20   
Waterford   20.54   21.03 - 21.18   

  You won't see another occultation of a naked-eye planet at night-time from 
anywhere in these Islands for almost 30 years - so make the most of this one! 
Remember: add 1 hour for BST!

Let's have reports & photos if you are lucky - Good luck to all.

The next IAA lecture is on Wednesday evening, 17th, when John Nooney from Co 
Westmeath will give a talk entitled "Astronomy from Clonkill Observatory" - 
his own excellent facility. It's at 7.30 p.m., Lecture room 5, Stranmillis 
College, Belfast: admission is free and all are welcome.

Finally, did any poor insomniac happen to tape "This New Day" on Sunday 
(yesterday) morning on BBC Radio Ulster from about 07.20 to 08.00? (The first 
choice guest, Brad Pitt, had to pull out at short notice, so I was the 
reserve.) But seriously, it was live, and I didn't have time to set up a tape 
recorder in advance that morning in the rush out to the studio. My aunt wants 
to hear it, for some reason. If anyone has a tape, I would gladly send you 
another blank one in exchange, or whatever you wish.

Good luck again,


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