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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 17:25:14 EST
Subject: Party, Fireball? & TV Programmes

Hi all,

1. Just a reminder about our IAA New Year Party on 2 January.  Since last 
year's event was such a resounding success, we're going back again!

It's at the Tudor Private Cinema, 22 Drumhirk Road, just off the A22, (just 
outside Comber, Co Down).  We will have a good film (currently 'The Dish', or 
as second choice 'The Fifth Element' or maybe 'Dark Star'), good buffet 
refreshments, various beverages: hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic; 
and other entertainment such as a very light-hearted quiz, with prizes for 
everyone. Plenty of free parking.

It's only 10 per head, with special family rates as follows: 2 adults + up 
to 2 children for 25, and 2 adults + up to 3 children (under 16).

Full details & directions will be given with STARDUST, going out soon I hope, 
but in the meantime keep the date free, and book now by sending a cheque 
(sterling only) payable to the IAA to John Hall, 3 Vaddegan Avenue, 
Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT36 7SP.

The number of seats is strictly limited (about 65), so if you're too late, 
hard luck - there's nothing we can do. 

Friends & partners of IAA members welcome of course.

It's due to thaw on Wednesday, so no excuses!

See you there...


We got this report from a 'Darren' in Loughmacrory, Co Tyrone:-
"I just wanted to find out if anyone else had reported a possible meteor 
strike on the morning of Saturday 29th December at about 06.30am. I was 
awoken by a loud rumbling noise outside - a bit like a mixture between an 
avalanche and a rocket taking off. This rumbling  noise lasted about 3-4 
seconds (it seemed) - and was accompanied by a very bright orange glowing 
light - which was visible through both a set of blinds and curtains - so it 
must have been extremely bright. This light varied in
intensity over the same 3-4 second period as the rumbling noise. I was 
expecting some sort of a blast explosion following that - however there 
wasn't one. I went outside to discover it was a cloudless sky - and concluded 
that it was most likely a relatively large chunk of space materiel that had 
burned up on entry - sufficient materiel to cause a prolonged and very bright 
orange glow and a very loud rumbling noise. Did anyone else report this?"

3. Peter Paice sent me this notice about another series of astronomy 
programmes on TV: "Hi Terry,
You have probably noticed that there is yet another astro programme on TV !
This is :  Edge of the Universe ( 3 parts) C4 Mon. 7 Jan.2002 ..... First 
Prog. "Planets from Hell"
The BBC space site at least liked my Saturn occultation image and posted it 
there last week.
Happy New Year with clear skies for 2002.   Peter Paice"

Happy New Year to all


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