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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 16:54:40 EST

Hi all,

I have received the following two fireball reports - did anyone else see them?

1. FROM BARRY PICKUP, DUBLIN:  I saw a very brilliant meteorite in the NW on 
the morning of 15 December just after 06:00. It passed not too far from 
and was much more brilliant - the brightest meteor I have ever seen! It was 
not a Geminid as it originated in the wrong place. Unfortunately neighbouring 
houses meant I only saw the final few seconds.
   It was a very slow meteorite and the trail was illuminated by the light 
back for a couple of degrees. 
I would say it was much brighter than Venus. It was a very slow meteorite, - 
that was very striking. Maybe a re-entering satellite?
  It came down from the direction of Capella and disappeared below Jupiter, 
in Orion somewhere and due W.  I would be interested to hear if anyone else 
saw this. Barry.

2. Communicated by Pat O'Neill (Belfast): 
"A colleague in work described seeing a very bright fireball near Toome last
Thurs. morning (13th Dec.) at approx. 0730. He was driving to work, heading
towards Belfast, at the time and facing East, i.e. he was on the long
straight stretch of road leading into Toome. His description was blue/white
with a long trail and he believed it was heading towards the ground, i.e.
heading from west to east. 
   Did anyone else see this? From his description, the fireball was
very bright,easily exceeding the brightness of a full moon. Pat.
   (This could not have been a Geminid, as the radiant then lay to the NNW. 

If anyone saw either of these, or has any Geminid reports, please let me know.

And Season's Greetings - again!


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