Universe Awareness at Beaghmore Videos

Astronomers at Armagh Observatory and archaeologists from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) hosted a day of free BBC Stargazing LIVE Universe Awareness (UNAWE) activities at An Creagán and the nearby Beaghmore Stone Circles, Co. Tyrone, on Wednesday 18th January 2012. Below are some videos from the event.

Claire FoleyClaire Foley,

Senior Inspector of Built Heritage at the NIE

MarkBaileyProfessor Mark Bailey,

Armagh Observatory

Galileo"Virginia and Galileo Galilei: A Sky Full of Discoveries"

Shadow theatre by EU-UNAWE presenters from the Arcetri Observatory, Italy

Bronze AgeBronze Age Re-enactment
Beaghmore CirclesStargazing LIVE event at Beaghmore Stone Circles

with Claire Foley and Mark Bailey

Last Revised: 2012 April 25th