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James O'Connor, Irish Astronomical Society
"The Irish Astronomical Society: Some Key Moments"

The talk will describe the period from the formation of the Irish Astronomical Society in 1937 to the re-opening of Dunsink Observatory a decade later and the subsequent formation and early days of the Society. This discussion will include the extension of the Society to include the Centres at Belfast, Armagh and Derry, and some later events such as the secession of the Belfast Centre, the formation of the Astronomical Science Group of Ireland and its period within the IAS as well as the division of attitudes within the Society that led to the secession of many members to form "Astronomy Ireland". In addition, the talk will review some of the most memorable astronomical events in which the IAS has been involved, for example the hosting of the International Union of Amateur Astronomers in 1978 and several of the IAS visits to Birr. Biographical items relating to personages of the Society will be included if time permits.


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