Near Earth Object Impact Hazard

Impact Image by Andrew C. Stewart

Painting by Andrew C. Stewart of Cosmic Art.
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Risk and Natural Catastrophes

Risks Comparable to NEOs

NEO Deflection Technology

NEO's: Origin, Collision Rate and Actuarial Risk

The Increasing Rate of Discovery of Asteroids

Objects Currently within 0.3AU of the Earth

Today's Map of the Inner Solar System

Comet and Asteroid Collision Probabilities

The Threat of Asteroidal and Cometary Impacts

Extreme albedo comets and the impact hazard (PDF Format)

Earth in the Cosmic Shooting Gallery (PDF Format)

The 1930 Brazilian Impact

The Tunguska Impact Event and Beyond - PDF

Asteroid Impact Animations

"Science of Armageddon" - Jay Tate

Other Documents

How a Near-Earth Object Impact Might Affect Society - 2003 PDF

Workshop on Scientific Requirements for Mitigation of Hazardous Comets and Asteroids - 2002

UK Government Taskforce Report

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 1999 - PDF

AIAA Position Paper, 1995

The NEO Survey Workgroup Report, 1995

The Spaceguard Survey Report, 1992 (PDF)

Tsunami from Asteroid/Comet Impacts

Observational Programmes

The SpaceWatch Project

The LINEAR Project

The NEAT Project

The LONEOS Project

The Catalina Sky Survey

The ODAS Project

Klet Observatory Follow Up Program

Visnjan Observatory

European Asteroid Research Node

Canadian NEOSSat

Sentinel Mission



The International Spaceguard Foundation

The Spaceguard Central Node

Spaceguard UK

Comet and Asteroid Information Network

Japan Spaceguard Association

Spaceguard Croatia

The Australian Spaceguard Survey


Planetary Defense DVD

Cambridge-Conference Essays

UK NEO Information Centre

Current Impact Risks from NASA

NEODYS Risks Page

NEO Dynamic Site

Asteroid Observing Services from Lowell Observatory

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA's)

Small Asteroids Encounters List

Impact Simulations from Sandia

The Planetary Society NEO Pages

Tunguska Home Page

Rio Cuarto Impacts

Tagish Lake Fireball

Chiemgau Impact Event

Impact Crater Map

Terrestrial Impact Craters

Terrestrial Impact Sites

Display Asteroid Orbits

Tumbling Stone, online newsletter

Earth Impact Effects Program

Make an Impact!

Asteroid/Comet Connection Site

Future Asteroid Interception Research

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