1790-1815 The Rev. Dr. James Archibald Hamilton
1815-1823 The Rev. Dr. William Davenport
1823-1882 The Rev. Dr. Thomas Romney Robinson
1882-1916 Dr. John Louis Emil Dreyer
1917 Joseph Alfred Hardcastle
1918-1936 The Rev. William Frederick Archdall Ellison
1937- Dr. Eric Mervyn Lindsay

At the end of 1965, the Observatory staff consisted of the Director and two more astronomers, Dr. E. J. Öpik and A. D. Andrews; Technical Assistant, H. H. R. Grossie; Secretary, Miss Sheelagh Grew; Assistant Secretary, Mrs. M. Cherry.


1789 Observatory founded by Primate Robinson.
1790 Observatory established. Hamilton appointed Director.
1794 Death of Primate Robinson.
1795 Troughton equatorial mounted.
1815 Death of Hamilton. Davenport becomes Director.
1823 Death of Davenport. Romney Robinson becomes Director.
1827 3.75in. transit instrument mounted.
1831 Mural circle mounted.
1833 First regular meteorological observations at the Observatory.
1835 15in. Grubb reflector erected in the East Dome.
1859 Publication of the First Armagh Catalogue of Stars.
1862 Renovations to the mural circle and other instruments.
1867 Armagh established as a self-recording meteorological station.
1869 Financial losses due to the Disestablishment of the Irish Church.
1874 Memorandum to Disraeli about the financial situation.
1882 Death of Robinson. Dreyer becomes Director.
1885 lOin. Grubb refractor mounted.
1886 Second Armagh Catalogue published.
1888 Publication of Dreyer's New General Catalogue of Clusters and Nebulae.
1895 Publication of Dreyer's first Index Catalogue.
1899 The Troughton & Simms micrometer-microscope obtained.
1905 Publication of Dreyer's second Index Catalogue.
1916 Resignation of Dreyer.
1917 Hardcastle appointed Director, but died before he could take office.
1918 Ellison appointed Director.
1919 The 18in. reflector, presented by Ellison, erected.
1921 The old 15in. reflector dismounted, and replaced by the 6.25in. Ellison refractor.
1936 Death of Ellison.
1937 Lindsay becomes Director.
1938 Beginning of the close link between Armagh and Boyden.
1940 Old transit room and meridian room converted into display rooms.
1947 Agreement reached on the project for the A.D.H. telescope at Boyden. Annual Government Grant increased from £720 to £3,320.
1948 Öpik arrives at Armagh.
1950 The 18in. converted into a Schmidt, and set up in a new dome.
1950 The A.D.H. telescope now in use at Boyden.
1954 Status of Boyden changed. The A.D.H. telescope comes into the joint possession of Armagh and Dunsink.
1960 Further financial grants from the Northern Ireland Government and the Ulster Land Fund.
1964 New Library Wing completed.
1964 Decision to establish the Armagh Planetarium.
1965 Appointment of Patrick Moore as Director of Planetarium.
1967 Completion of the Armagh Planetarium.


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