Orrery by Gilkerson and Co.

From National Inventory of Scientific Instruments by Charles Mollan, Royal Dublin Society, the following note concerning item number 3699 ARM012 Orrery.

Brass; folding cabriole legs; conical pillar; cylinder drum for clockwork; planetarium, tellarium and lunarium. Ivory and brass handle at the side of the shallow cylinder drum; seven rings around the axis lead to planets, four with moons - Earth has one moon, jupiter has five, Saturn has seven, Uranus five; the planet of Saturn is missing; the top of the drum has a decorated six-pointed star on the centre and, on the outside, zodiac signs and abbreviated names "AQU." "PI.", with divisions 10-30 for each one, then day ... Gilkerson dates 1809-27 from Taylor 1966. 363. Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel.

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