A. Reid, M. Mathioudakis, E. Scullion, J. G. Doyle, S. Shelyag, P. Gallagher

Ellerman Bombs with Jets: Cause and Effect

Figure 8. Hα -1.2 Å imaging. A dark chromospheric jet is generated at the EB location. Time is in units of seconds.


Ellerman Bombs (EBs) are thought to arise as a result of photospheric magnetic reconnection. We use data from the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST), to study EB events on the solar disk and at the limb. Both datasets show that EBs are connected to the foot-points of forming chromospheric jets. The limb observations show that a bright structure in the Hα blue wing connects to the EB initially fuelling it, leading to the ejection of material upwards. The material moves along a loop structure where a newly formed jet is subsequently observed in the red wing of Hα. In the disk dataset, an EB initiates a jet which propagates away from the apparent reconnection site within the EB flame. The EB then splits into two, with associated brightenings in the inter-granular lanes (IGLs). Micro-jets are then observed, extending to 500 km with a lifetime of a few minutes. Observed velocities of the micro-jets are approximately 5-10 km s−1, while their chromospheric counterparts range from 50-80 km s−1. MURaM simulations of quiet Sun reconnection show that micro-jets with similar properties to that of the observations follow the line of reconnection in the photosphere, with associated Hα brightening at the location of increased temperature.

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Last Revised: 2015 March 18th