Armagh Astropark

The Armagh Astropark is a scale model of the Universe, brought down to Earth in a beautiful natural setting. As you stroll around it, you will discover some of the amazing phenomena in our Solar System, our Galaxy, and beyond. If you cannot visit the Astropark in person, take a virtual tour around it, or visit its individual features: the Solar System, the Hyper-Cube, the Hill of Infinity and the Stone Calendar.

      The Solar System The Solar System:

Compare the relative distances and sizes of the rocky inner planets and the gaseous outer planets. Climb the "Telescope" Horizon to reach Uranus and Neptune, which are invisible to the naked eye.

      The Hyper-Cube The Hyper-Cube:

Imagine a series of cubes, each ten times bigger than the one inside. Starting with one the size of a floppy disk, only 11 are needed to engulf the orbit of the moon, and 28 to fill the entire known Universe.

The Galactic Centre
      The Hill of Infinity The Hill of Infinity:

Accelerate away from Earth and discover the most distant objects in outer space. As we look further away we also look back in time, so at the edge of the Universe we approach the Big Bang itself.

Distant Galaxies
      The Stone Calendar The Stone Calendar:

Stone circles have existed all over Europe since prehistoric times. They may have been temples, meeting places or observatories, but ours functions as a simple calendar. Watch the Sun rise on the solstice.

COBE: "The Face of God"

A short walk from Armagh City Centre, the Astropark is situated in the grounds of Armagh Observatory and Armagh Planetarium, along with a Nature Trail and a Weather Station.

Weather Station Hale-Bopp over Armagh Observatory Armagh Planetarium
Weather Station Observatory Planetarium

Learn about weather forecasting at Armagh's meteorology station and historic sundials.

Ireland's premier astronomical research institute, helping us understand the Universe.

Star Shows, Hall of Astronomy, and Eartharium.

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