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Armagh Observatory New TSN Action Table 2001

Business Area: Astronomy and Related Sciences
Social Need to be Tackled: Access to scientific knowledge amongst socially disadvantaged groups
Desired Outcome: Increased access to scientific knowledge, thereby promoting lifelong learning opportunities amongst socially disadvantaged groups


New TSN Objectives: Targets or Actions and Time-Scales:
Objective 1
Improve opportunities among disadvantaged sections of the community to experience scientific research in a high-technology environment (a) work with a suitable partner to facilitate an inclusive work experience programme leading to an improved quality of life for people with disabilities (Year 1)

(b) take measures to enhance applications for student programmes and placements from disadvantaged groups and areas (Year 2)

(c) establish baseline information on participation on student programme placements with reference to New TSN (Year 1)

Objective 2
Reduce inequalities in knowledge of and access to science (a) analyse the results of media coverage to assess whether news of Northern Ireland science is reaching as many people as possible (Year 1)

(b) take steps to ensure the dissemination of research outputs in an accessible form to as wide an audience as possible (Year 2)

Objective 3
Improve access to the Northern Ireland scientific and cultural heritage (a) engage with others to encourage visits by people from socially disadvantaged groups (Year 1)

(b) develop the web-site and promote e-access to astronomical and meteorological information (Year 1)

Armagh Observatory
June 2001

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