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New Targeting Social Need (New TSN) Action Plan

The Northern Ireland Executive's New TSN policy is a key part of the Programme for Government. New TSN is the vehicle by which the Executive seeks to tackle deprivation and to reduce inequalities in the life experiences of citizens in terms of poverty, health, housing, educational and economic opportunity and disability.

The Armagh Observatory is fully committed to implement the New TSN Policy, and together with other Non-Department Public Bodies funded by the DCAL developed a New TSN Action Plan during 2000 for consultation during the first quarter of 2001. Following comments received during the consultation period (end January-April 2001), the draft Action Plan was revised and the final version placed in the public domain during June 2001.

A copy of the Observatory's New TSN Plan is available from the Observatory on request. It is also available on the web, at, and is appended for information in Appendix F.